Consumer E-commerce

Consumer E-commerce

Professional development services for tailored consumer e-commerce systems, providing comprehensive support in development, design, testing, and deployment. Let us help you quickly build an online store and bring more business value!

  • Online Store Setup

  • Third-Party Payment Integration

  • Sales Data Analysis

Online Store Setup

Professional consumer e-commerce system development services for customized online stores, offering full-cycle support in development, design, testing, and deployment. Let us help you swiftly establish an online store for enhanced business value!


Success in consumer e-commerce hinges on technology, including user-friendly websites, secure transactions, and data analysis for trends and customer behavior. Emerging tech like AI automates predictions and recommendations, streamlining operations for increased sales.

Third-Party Payment Integration

We provide expert third-party payment integration for your online store, offering a secure and diverse payment solution. Integrated with top payment systems, our services expand payment choices, safeguard information, and reduce transaction risks. We also offer technical support for seamless business growth.

Benefits of Third-Party Payment

Third-party payment integration is crucial for online stores, meeting the demand for convenient and secure transactions. It enables diverse payment methods, enhances the shopping experience, and streamlines processes, saving time and ensuring security measures. These platforms also offer practical features like reports for efficient transaction management.

Multi-Platform Integration

We provide multi-platform payment integration, enabling your online store to accept various payment methods, including credit cards, online ATMs, and more. Our services support platforms like ECPay, NewebPay, AllPay, and CTBC Bank.

Sales Data Analysis

Our sales data analysis service enhances your business operations and profitability. By deeply analyzing customer consumption patterns, product sales performance, etc., you can make informed decisions, adjust sales strategies, and increase sales and profits. We provide customized reports and analysis to meet your specific needs and goals.

Advantages of Sales Data Analysis

Sales data analysis is a crucial tool for business success, utilizing data mining, analysis, and visualization to extract value and insights. It understands customer needs and preferences, adjusts sales strategies, improves efficiency, predicts market trends, ultimately enhancing competitiveness and achieving long-term stability.

AI Prediction Model

AI Prediction Model

Harness the latest AI technology for autonomous learning, optimization, and precise data predictions. Enhance work efficiency, reduce risks, and achieve superior results with our advanced technology!

Data Collection

Data collection involves gathering data from multiple sources, including structured and unstructured, to establish a rich database.

The data processing stage includes cleaning, handling missing values, and feature engineering, ensuring the quality of data for model training and testing. Overall, carefully designed data collection and processing ensure the model achieves reliable predictive results.

Model Selection

Choosing the right model, fine-tuning parameters, and optimizing through tasks like hyperparameter adjustment, feature selection, and data standardization are crucial for an efficient AI prediction system.

This involves assessing data, task complexity, and selecting suitable machine learning models, such as linear regression, decision trees, and support vector machines. Achieving optimal results requires a deep understanding of data and model characteristics.

Result Visualization

Visual tools like scatter plots, histograms, heatmaps, ROC curves, and confusion matrices offer a comprehensive view of model performance. They deepen understanding and guide optimization. Rapid identification of model strengths and weaknesses allows adjustments for improved prediction accuracy.

Optimization Suggestions

AI models not only predict outcomes but also give actionable optimization suggestions, enhancing decision-making and business processes, saving time, and increasing overall model value.