Warmhearted Innovation in Technology: Revitalizing Brick-and-Mortar Bedding Stores with Endless Foot Traffic

Traditional retail places significant emphasis on location, as bustling crowds and markets are key to driving revenue. However, the landscape shifted in 2019 with the advent of COVID-19, altering consumer habits and paving the way for the rise of e-commerce. Consumers have gradually become accustomed to online shopping. As a leader in the high-end bedding industry in Taiwan, Playsure is set to leverage innovative technology and branding strategies once again to draw crowds back into physical stores, aiming for a new peak in revenue.

Playsure has developed the "Sweet Care Warmhearted Business Information Management System" for renowned bedding companies. This system is not just a disruptive innovation for traditional bedding sales models but also a comprehensive enhancement of customer experience and internal management efficiency. The system comprises three core components: the "Sweet Care Customer App," the "SC Internal Business Management System," and the "Salesman App," bringing an unprecedented transformation to the bedding industry.

Customer App

Sweet Care Customer App: A New Era of Personalized Service

The Sweet Care Customer App is designed to offer customers a more convenient and personalized shopping and service experience. This app allows customers to easily browse and purchase bedding products and provides smart reminders for replacing bedding, essential for maintaining a healthy sleep environment. This implementation aligns with Playsure's commitment to ESG principles.

Additionally, the app features a reward system where regular bedding replacement earns coins redeemable for gifts at physical stores, enhancing user engagement and brand loyalty while encouraging repeat purchases.

Management System

Internal Business Management System: Dual Assurance of Efficiency and Data Security

The "SC Internal Business Management System" demonstrates exceptional management capabilities, featuring multi-level personnel access control based on job roles and integration with the Salesman App. This facilitates precise, real-time tracking of sales personnel performance and customer data storage. This system allows bedding companies to allocate resources and manpower more effectively, monitoring individual performance to boost sales efficiency.

A key feature is its customer data protection capability; when a salesperson leaves, their managed customer data is securely transferred to another salesperson, ensuring customer privacy and safeguarding corporate interests. Moreover, the system provides vital data for product development and market strategy by reflecting market demand dynamics in real-time.

Salesman App

Salesman App: Enhancing Service Quality and Efficiency

The launch of the Salesman App provides a powerful tool for bedding company sales teams. Salespeople can receive immediate work assignments anytime, anywhere, enabling rapid response to customer needs. Whether it's home visits, product demonstrations, after-sales support, or old bedding recycling services, everything is efficiently arranged and managed, primarily focusing on satisfying customer needs to secure future transactions.

The Salesman App also features a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for salespeople to record service processes and interact with customers, crucial for improving service quality and customer satisfaction. It helps keep track of customer needs and updates, facilitating continuous customer care and smooth handover of services to other salespeople when needed, ensuring uninterrupted high-quality service.


Environmental Protection: Practicing ESG Principles

The development of the "Sweet Care" system by Playsure for the bedding industry represents not only the application of innovative technology but also a comprehensive commitment to customer care, corporate efficiency, and environmental protection in line with ESG principles. This digital system enhances operational efficiency, reduces reliance on paper, and lowers the corporate carbon footprint.

Encouraging consumers to recycle old bedding further strengthens the commitment to sustainable development. As a result, the "Sweet Care Warmhearted Business Information Management System" has not only achieved commercial success but also set new standards for the entire bedding industry, indicating that as technology advances and market demands evolve, this system will continue to lead the industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future.