Innovative Era of Smart Farming: Playsure and Leading Livestock Enterprises Shape ESG Green, Sustainable Smart Farms under National Key Development Program

In response to extreme climatic changes and the critical global food security challenges, the Taiwanese government has prioritized transforming the livestock industry into a smart, modern, efficient, and eco-friendly sector. This strategy's core involves leveraging advanced AIoT technology, especially IoT and big data analytics, to enhance livestock production capabilities and integrate them into green sustainable development and social responsibility practices. Under this framework, the collaboration between Playsure Technology and Taiwan's leading livestock enterprises in promoting AIoT smart farming not only represents a significant breakthrough from traditional agricultural models but also signifies a commitment to social ESG responsibilities.

This partnership aims to establish world-class smart farming factories, positioning themselves as national exemplary export industries, showcasing how technological innovation facilitates green sustainable development.

Moreover, the project revolves around the concept of a 'circular zone,' effectively addressing environmental issues associated with traditional livestock industries and promoting harmony between agriculture and the environment. The smart farming AIoT system connects all livestock equipment, advancing the modernization of farms. This not only demonstrates the efficiency and environmental friendliness of smart agriculture but also forms part of the national green sustainable development.

Additionally, the operation of smart factories enhances local employment opportunities, fostering community economic growth and improving residents' quality of life. Such collaborations position Taiwan as a global leader in smart agriculture, laying a solid foundation for sustainable agricultural development's future.


Innovative Applications of AIoT in Smart Farming

At the heart of this comprehensive smart farming initiative, the use of numerous IoT and information network devices is central to this innovative application. Playsure Technology integrates thousands of AIoT devices into a private cloud information system, creating an "Information Command Center" for the farm. This system allows real-time monitoring and management of livestock breeding processes, environmental changes, and equipment operations, improving production efficiency and product quality while ensuring product safety and hygiene.

The AIoT system links production and wastewater treatment areas, enhancing the operational performance of management systems and modernizing the farm.


Advanced SCADA Digital Dashboard and Data Management Technology

Within the command center, Playsure Technology has custom-developed a specialized SCADA digital dashboard, providing a comprehensive real-time data management platform. This includes not only real-time monitoring of breeding data but also comprehensive monitoring of equipment operation, keeping track of the farm's operational status and enabling operators to adjust strategies instantly for optimal production efficiency and quality.


Innovative Design of the "Digital Farming Expert" App

The development of the "Digital Farming Expert" app is another core component of the project. Tailored for every aspect of the pig breeding process, the app accurately captures key moments in each phase, such as vaccination, birthing, and weaning. This standardizes and streamlines the breeding process, allowing for real-time data collection and analysis, providing essential decision support for management.

Animal epidemic

Importance of Semen Traceability Information Management System

Playsure Technology has developed an advanced semen traceability information management system for pig semen collection and breeding operations. This system plays a crucial role in animal disease prevention, especially in controlling epidemics like African Swine Fever, by rapidly tracing potential sources of infection and controlling the spread, thus safeguarding breeding assets. The system's application significantly improves disease management efficiency and effectiveness, crucial for ensuring food safety and public health.

Carbon emission

Energy-Saving Water Curtain Cooling and Carbon Emission Reduction

In daily farming operations, Playsure Technology introduces a water curtain cooling system managed via AIoT technology. This system allows for real-time data monitoring, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, achieving smart energy conservation in modern pigsties. The application of this green technology not only provides a healthier and safer living environment for animals but also actively responds to environmental protection and climate change challenges.


Prioritizing Worker Safety in Farm Operations

In the design and operation of smart farming factories, worker safety is prioritized. Emergency scenarios are considered during the design phase to ensure a swift switch to emergency life support power systems during disasters or power outages, maintaining critical life support operations and ensuring personnel safety.

Animal Welfare

Positive Impact on Animal Welfare

The smart farming factory also makes significant contributions to animal welfare. By providing animals with a more natural and comfortable living environment, stress and discomfort are reduced, thus enhancing animal welfare standards. This humane breeding method not only improves product quality but also demonstrates respect for life, setting ethical standards in the livestock industry.

Epidemic Prevention

Epidemic Prevention Measures and National Livestock Responsibility

Through personnel access control, entry management systems, and operational process management, advanced biological epidemic prevention mechanisms are implemented. These stringent requirements significantly reduce disease transmission risks, protecting public health in livestock farming. In case of a national shortage due to an epidemic, our secure biological epidemic prevention mechanism in smart farms can meet market meat demands and maintain stable market prices, ensuring national agricultural market price stability.


Innovation in Industry and Sustainable Development in ESG Environmental Protection

The establishment of Playsure Technology's smart farming factory showcases the deep integration of the livestock industry with high technology, significantly enhancing the efficiency and output of the livestock sector and cementing Taiwan's significant position in global livestock technology, thus strengthening the country's overall technological competitiveness. This cross-industry collaboration is not only key to achieving sustainable development goals but also guides future innovation and development directions.

Furthermore, the smart farming factory demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental protection and ESG sustainable development. From constructing energy-efficient pigsties to the overall planning of circular zones, each design aims to minimize environmental impact, achieving a symbiosis of environmental protection and economic development. These measures not only contribute significantly to local environmental protection but also provide practical and innovative examples for global environmental efforts.