Revolutionizing Healthcare Supply Chain Management with AI-Driven Procurement Forecasting (AI DRP-FMS)

In 2019, the world faced an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic, thrusting global health into a severe crisis. This led to a dramatic surge in the demand for medical and health supplies, intensifying the challenges in global health and hygiene. To meet these rapidly evolving market demands, we've elevated our production management and logistics distribution to a whole new level.

Medical and health supplies, known for their limited shelf life and the need for dry storage, pose an increasing risk of damage and spoilage over time. This results in significant procurement waste and further loss of already scarce medical resources.


AI DRP-FMS: The AI Risk Procurement Forecasting Model System Development

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Taiwan's leading medical and health product companies, Playsure harnesses the power of big data analytics. We analyze past sales, inventory data, and customer attributes, categorizing and refining this information to extract key indicators. Our cloud-based AI algorithm technology equips enterprise clients with a smarter, more efficient AI-driven ordering system, complete with in-depth analysis and reporting.

AI DRP-FMS can analyze inventory rates within and across industries, assess the risk of medical supply shortages, and provide strategic recommendations. This enables our clients to make more precise procurement decisions regarding quantity, frequency, and expenditure, while also assessing the impact of supply shortages on production and operational efficiency.


PLTPP: The Strategic Long-Term Procurement Planning

Through our Planned Long-Term Procurement Program (PLTPP), clients gain access to more favorable pricing via long-term purchasing agreements. This system not only enhances production flexibility and efficiency but also aids healthcare suppliers in planning their raw material procurement based on order visibility and futures pricing, thus effectively controlling costs and maintaining efficient production schedules.

Moreover, with our AI system's advanced order prediction and inventory management capabilities, we optimize production scheduling, enhancing order clarity and visibility. Utilizing futures contracts in raw material procurement, we implement the most advantageous investment and purchasing strategies, giving our clients a significant competitive edge.


AI-OOD: The Smart Demand-Driven Distribution System

Our AI-OOD (Order On Demand) system, developed to complement this approach, optimally balances warehouse costs and logistics efficiency. It effectively reduces storage and administrative costs for our clients, implements intelligent analysis and dynamic optimization of inventory safety levels, and significantly reduces the risk of product damage and expiration.

This approach not only streamlines procurement processes but also automates and personalizes production scheduling and sales, fully embodying smart, efficient technology services.


RAD: The Dynamic Regional Authorization Dealership System

Our RAD (Regional Authorization Dealership) system enables regional authorized dealers to offer the most competitive pricing to consumers, maximizing profits.

RAD provides real-time monitoring of online transactions and data analysis tailored to varying client needs, offering clear insights into transaction details and implications. This system opens new avenues in the procurement and distribution of healthcare and medical supplies, offering opportunities for client dealership and agency sales.


AI DRP-FMS and RAD: Innovation in Practicing ESG Principles

From an environmental perspective, AI DRP-FMS not only improves resource efficiency by optimizing the use of raw materials and reducing overproduction but also minimizes environmental impact by reducing unnecessary logistics and carbon emissions.

The RAD system ensures supply chain transparency and upholds ethical standards. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with suppliers, jointly achieving social responsibility goals.

Mission of Innovation

Playsure's Mission of Innovation

As a leader in advanced technology, Playsure is dedicated to driving innovation in the production and logistics management of healthcare supplies. Our core mission is to empower our clients with these smart solutions, enabling them to excel in a highly competitive market and achieve outstanding supply chain efficiency.